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by Donny Brazile

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Cynthia Gibson
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Cynthia Gibson Just hit's it ...right on the spot! Favorite track: I Miss You (2010).
VIRGINIA I walked right up to you Said how do you do You said what took you so long boy Don’t you know I been waiting on you I knew I had to have you Since I first laid eyes on you I knew I had to have you I knew I had to have you From the start Oh, Virginia You put your name on my heart I put my lips to you You slapped one right back on me Said come a little bit closer boy I got somethin’ I want you to see Why waste our precious time With formality Once I got to know you I knew we would throw down What you got to show me Yo I think I’ll stick around Things been gettin’ so hot We might ignite this town © 2007 Donny Brazile
CAN’T GET OVER YOU (MY MUSE) I was thinkin’ about you last night About how I screwed you over And if you were alright And it’s true you were always mine to lose And I can’t get over you I guess I owe you and apology Everybody Everybody saw it but me And it’s true I got nothin’ left to prove But I can’t get over you You came in like a lion You went out like a lamb I guess you’re just that kind of girl And I’m just that kind of man That can’t get over you I guess maybe I will see you around This Christmas when I’ll be back in town And it’s true you have always been my muse I just can’t get over you © 2005 Donny Brazile
Sarah (2002) 03:50
SARAH When’s the last time I’ve written you a song Been so long been so long And I haven’t seen Sarah Since she’s been gone Sarah—plain and tall It’s Sarah or no one at all Sarah—I’m tellin’ y’all It’s Sarah or no one at all Sarah she had a baby Sarah ran wild all her life This little Sarah went whee whee whee And this little Sarah’s my wife When’s the last time I seen Sarah smile Been quite a while quite a while And Sarah’s got a way with hers Like a prisoner’s got a way with a file © 2000 Donny Brazile
ISN’T THAT THE WAY Well I gave you my heart but you took it for granted The way you treat me these days babe I can’t hardly stand it I gave you all I had but you wanted more I thank you very kindly show yourself to the door Isn’t that just the way some people are Well I bent down turn around to pick up your slack You put a knife smack dab in my back After all this time I thought I knew you It just shows to go there’s not a lot you can do Well I had a little faith but that’s all gone How many more times can you do me wrong Good friends are good friends when the good times roll When the times get tough out the door they go Isn’t that just the way some people are © 2003 Donny Brazile
I MISS YOU I miss you And your silly little ways Talkin’ all the time Cleanin’ ‘round the house on Sundays I miss you A little more every day And if I kissed you You’d be coming back home to stay I miss you And I swear I’ll change my ways You won’t have to tell me to shut my mouth Or watch the stupid things that I say Two hearts broken The pieces suspended in time I miss you I miss you sometime Two hearts lonely Remember when you were mine I’m sorry babe I just miss you sometime Two hearts cold Don’t worry I’ll be fine I just miss you I just miss you sometime I miss you And that’s all I have to say ‘Cause you know I love you Don’t you babe © 2008 Donny Brazile


released October 11, 2012


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Donny Brazile Asheville, North Carolina

Hi, my name's Donny.

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