The Lost Album (2004)

by Donny Brazile

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YOU DON’T KNOW ME I was headed for California back in 1973 My VW bus broke down outside Nashville Tennessee But I had myself my guitar and a couple songs up my sleeve I was only passin’ through I just sorta never did leave Now you know my songs on the radio (on the radio) But you don’t know me I try to think about Elvis and Memphis and the creature from the black lagoon too And I think it’s Beatle-esque Stones-ish and Buck-a-roo When I heard about what mattered most to a girl from Baton Rouge Sometimes what you don’t know really can hurt you You might find me out sometime at the end of some sunny day At the Exit-In or the Bluebird Café So get your pen and paper your guitar now it’s alright Make a million dollars overnight Purple was the color of the dress she wore to the prom All the kids laughed and she ran home into the arms of her mom But she grew up oh so beautiful and you should hear her song I swore she wore purple from that moment on © 2003 Donny Brazile
AIN’T GOT TIME (TO CRY) Well I loved you On the day we met And yours is a face that I know I’ll never forget Well you had me at hello Now here I am drink in my hand Where in the hell did you go There’s times I wanna die But I ain’t got time Ain’t got time to cry The alarm clock Rings at 6am And I know I got to get up tomorrow And do it again It’s a bitch now For an honest working man And I’m under the gun but I know I done the best that I can I know You don’t mean to sound cold But we had what we had when we had it A long time ago She’s gone now And I guess life goes on And I’m home all alone with nothing to show but this song © 2003 Donny Brazile
Bad Drunk 03:56
BAD DRUNK Don’t hit the bars anymore They don't do what they done before I found a little more that's worth livin' for Instead of pickin' myself up off of the floor From a bad drunk I’m not a bad drunk Anymore Don’t treat the girls like I used to They don't say hey what did I do to To deserve this to feel like a fool Well I would fall from grace and then my bar stool Like a bad drunk I’m not a bad drunk Anymore I’m not the man I used to be Looks like time has taken its toll on me And this misery loves company So come and have a drink on me Don’t hit the bars anymore I found a little more worth livin' for Instead of pickin’ my ass up off the floor From a bad drunk I was a bad drunk I been a bad drunk I’m not a bad drunk Anymore I’m a good drunk © 1995 Donny Brazile
Easy 03:32
EASY Hello baby how ya been Do you think that we could try it again With you It all came so easy Easy and free That’s they way I always thought it should be Easy Hola mi cielo wouldn’t you know I never shoulda let you go With you It all was so easy As easy as a summer breeze That’s why I never wanted you to leave Life is hard enough for two It oughta be easy between me and you Bye bye baby I hate to say It doesn’t have to be this a-way With you It could be so easy Simple and free Don’t you think that’s the way it oughta be © 2003 Donny Brazile
EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT People come and people go I try hard not to make it so But what can I do That’s just the way people are Daddy leaves and Mama just can’t stay Pack your things son we’re moving away Forget what you knew But this I promise you Things go wrong but baby that’s alright Long as I got you in my arm tonight I’ll keep you safe and dry until the mornin’ light Hush a bye my baby everything’s gonna be alright You can look but you can’t touch I guess I never wanted it as much But what can I do Men cheat and women they lie Neither one ever understand why And it’s sad but it’s true There’s nothin’ you can do ‘cept Take my hand and baby hold on tight There’s no need to argue baby fuss or fight I’ll rock you pretty steady till the sky come a-light So hush a bye my honey everything’s gonna be alright Say hello say good bye Men they cheat and women they lie © 2003 Donny Brazile
ISN’T THAT THE WAY Well I gave you my heart but you took it for granted The way you treat me these days babe I can’t hardly stand it I gave you all I had but you wanted more I thank you very kindly show yourself to the door Isn’t that just the way some people are Well I bent down turn around to pick up your slack You put a knife smack dab in my back After all this time I thought I knew you It just shows to go there’s not a lot you can do Well I had a little faith but that’s all gone How many more times can you do me wrong Good friends are good friends when the good times roll When the times get tough out the door they go Isn’t that just the way some people are © 2003 Donny Brazile
Stella Rae 03:31
STELLA RAE Stella Rae—she’s a beauty Stella Rae—she’s a queen Stella Rae—she’s a cutie With a laugh like I never seen Stella Rae—she’s so groovy Stella Rae—she’s supreme Stella Rae—she could star in a movie Stella Rae—she’s a dream God knows I been through some changes God knows trouble don’t trouble me And if I never get to heaven God bless Stella Rae for me Stella Rae—can get moody Stella Rae—she can get mean But Stella Rae—she’s a beauty And she means everything God knows I been through some changes God knows trouble don’t trouble me And if I never get to heaven God bless Stella Rae for me Stella Rae—she’s so beautiful Stella Rae—she’s half-Greek Stella Rae—she’s so wonderful When I kiss her cheek Stella Rae—she’s my baby Stella Rae—she’s my girl Stella Rae—such a little lady Stella Rae—she’s my world © 2000 Donny Brazile
SWEET BY AND BY (103) She listened to Kris Kristofferson And her spaghetti strap fell down She tapped her finger on the steering wheel As we drove into town We had some poblanos And a couple rounds of brew How could we bring ourselves to what neither one of us could do But in the sweet by and by You can’t say I didn’t try We drove on back to her place She said her man’d be home soon I tried to sing her my soliloquy And fly her to the moon So she lay down on the floor And said honey lock the door I just stood there helpless But in the sweet by and by You can’t say I didn’t try Lord it was hot—103 And so was the way she looked at me She wasn’t perfect no on can be But Christ almighty—she was perfect for me So I headed on back home My woman said don’t you lie Pick your head off of the ground And look me in the eye I said baby sweet baby The highway’s my alibi You know I’d rather do anything Than to let our love die But in the sweet by and by You can’t say I didn’t try © 2000 Donny Brazile
Them Days 02:49
THEM DAYS Superman and Batman Elvis Presley and the president Anything seemed possible with possible exception of disappointment Mama always told me I can do what I set my mind to Now mama doesn’t lie but I don’t know why she never told me the truth I guess I had my fun I had to let it end Them days are gone Never find ‘em again Dreamin’ of the day and schemin’ up a way I could try to make a dime So I broke up the band and loaded up the van and headed out for the state line Now the livin’ is grand in Hollywoodland with a guitar in my hand But I’ll be damned and I can’t understand why it didn’t turn out like I planned Indian summer and the leaves on the trees Orange and red and they fall to the ground Every time I see that ol’ house on your street My ol’ heart starts to pound Well I never really thought about givin’ it up but I’m a-thinkin’ about it now 25 years gone by and I still haven’t figured it out Did I invest too much or not ingest enough will I ever shut-up me and my big mouth Now I’m beggin’ for forgiveness for too much monkey business but I can’t get off of the couch Them days © 2001 Donny Brazile
Woebegone 05:24
WOEBEGONE We barely knew each other but that didn’t stop the fall From the first time I saw her ‘til the last time we talked She was a beauty barely 21 Now I’m out on the highway wonderin’ what I done I drove a thousand miles just to get away from her Although I don’t know what I’m gettin’ away fer By the time I get to Memphis The thought of her will be all but gone By the time I get to Memphis My thoughts’ll turn to San Antone Now I’m at the Florabama rememberin’ a girl from Utah When I asked her was she from heaven she said no Arkansas Now somethin’ happens to a man when he’s in a bar and two states at the same time And I’m here with Oysters McClellan tryin’ to think of a suitable rhyme I drove all night and day just to see how far I’d get Now I’m in Louisiana feelin’ no regret Well I begged you baby for an answer When I knocked upon your door Said baby baby please Don’t leave me anymore She was everything I ever dreamed of She was my life my light my one true love Now the car’s gassed and loaded and I’m out on I-10 Wonderin’ if I’ll ever ever see her again I drove all god damn night just to find myself closer to it Now I’m in Austin Texas and I’m feelin’ like shit But by the time I get to Kansas The thought of her will be all but gone By the time I get to Kansas My thoughts’ll turn to comin’ home Woebegone I’m comin’ home © 2000 Donny Brazile


released July 4, 2004

Donny Brazile (vocals, guitar)
John Baskerville (bass)
Philip Sterk (drums)
Jeff Petersen (guitars and lap steel)
John Thompson (John Thompson)
Jack Ritzman (guitars)

Produced by John Thompson
Engineered by Shawn Anfinson


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Donny Brazile Asheville, North Carolina

Hi, my name's Donny.

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